The 22nd Iran International University Theater Festival (IIUTF) will take place from April 25th to May 4th,2019 in Tehran, Iran. We are looking for attractive theatrical productions that are simultaneously informative, creative and effective for university students from all around the world. The International section of the festival will be held in a non-competitive atmosphere which invites and hosts all the crew of the selected teams, and all the selected works will be appreciated and awarded.

Having said that, we are honored to announce that this year the International University Festival will host a number of attractive, collaborative events all under the name of Theatre of Vistas. This section, as explained in the following, includes a number of special awards as well as marvelous opportunities for global, international collaborations for artists, actors and actresses, dramatists and directors.

Besides, the festival will hold various workshops and conferences by eminent, prestigious international instructors in various fields of Eastern and Western schools of theatre. The aim of these courses is to bring oriental and occidental theatre face-to-face for a more productive, collaborative, hand-in-hand dialogue.

Tours to Tehran’s sightseeing and historical sites form an interesting, refreshing part of the schedule that has been planned for the upcoming days of festival.

The details on accommodation, processes, on-field plan, etc. will be presented to the honorable applicant after the submission.

Annotation of the Festival Director:

“Today’s world has become an incredibly, yet interestingly, small place. As all aspects of human lives are now seen to be more connected and in touch, as if no distance exists anymore, why should not it be the case with art and theatre as well? It is through international festivals that one may get to know people of other cultures and may feel, touch, breathe and ultimately learn about a land, a realm, or nation miles away from one’s own. It is through international festivals that one may see the gates of universal cooperation and arms of co-production open. This is thus how and why we Iranian directors of the 22nd Iran International University Theater Festival welcome you with open arms for this year’s event. Iran is a realm with an ancient culturally affluent background. We dearly hope you, honorable fellow-artists, will bring with you a touch, a sense, and a page of your own rich dramatic cultural identity. The outcome of the intercultural encounter cannot be anything but perfect. “

                                                                                                                   AMIN MOKHTARI
                                                                                                                    Festival Director

Theatre of Vistas

This voluntary platform, presented in the 22nd Iran International University Theater Festival provides a creative ethos for the applicants from all over the world to meet members of other groups to talk, discuss, re-group and perform intercultural stage performances of maximum 30 minutes during the days of festival. The performances in this section will be judged and awarded in three separate parts of “Best Performance”, “Best Direction”, and “Best Actor/Actress”. There is one Special Jury Prize awarded for the high quality and noteworthy creativity in combining cultures in the artistic production.

  • The crew should include more than two nationalities.
  • The performances must be in English.
  • The play can be an original or previously composed work of drama.
  • Rehearsals and accommodations are sponsored by the festival’s secretariat.
  • Varieties of cultures, history and national identity presented in the staged works will be of especially high value to the jury.



The Aims and Scopes of the Festival:

  1. A) Presenting the best university theaters in national and international arena and appreciation of the Artwork’s creators in this field.
  2. B) The presence of university theater activists in various sections of the Festival
  3. C) The growth and prosperity of production and performing university theaters through the interactions among creators, connoisseurs and audiences of University Theater.
  4. D) To promote the knowledge and the circulation of productions of high artistic value, capable of contributing to the formation and cultural growth of a mature critical conscience in University Theater.

General Terms and Conditions

  • All applicants must be currently student or have been graduated after May 2017. (Except for university Teacher’s section)
  • Each applicant may only apply in a one section with a single submission. (onstage/performing experience/ university theaters)
  • There will be no priority or difference considered between Drama students and others through regulations.
  • Applicant’s E-mail address and phone number are the only ways for organizers to reach to them.
  • The maximum duration for each work is 90 minutes.
  • Submission deadline is final and set on January 30th.
  • Applicants should submit proof of their studentship or a copy of graduation certificate and playwright/translator/publisher’s written permit to festival’s website.
  • Every contradiction in applicants’ submissions would result in immediate rejection.
  • Submission is as understanding and approval of all regulations and conditions of festival.

Specific Regulations

  • Submission deadline for international section is  January 30th, 2019.
  • All international applicants are supposed to E-mail a link to their whole-time recorded performance on either YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Performances will be analyzed and examined by a group of artists and previous winners every day. (Participating in meetings will be free for all).
  • Criteria for selection in performing experience section is the necessity of places and its impact on performance, and the logic of act of performer and audience and the interaction between them.

Documents Required for Online Registration

  • Filled-out electronic form of personal information.
  • Picture/Scan of a certificate that proves being student/ just-graduate.
  • Picture/Scan of writer/translator/publisher permission license.


Contact Info

IIUTF Office: Cultural Department of Art University Building-

No. 4. Balavar alley – Enghelab St. – Tehran- Iran

Post code: 1591634311



Festival Director Email:

Phone number: +982166176528

Theatre of Vistas