Theatre of Vistas


It all began in a cave, while they were all sitting by that big fire, as we all know. Capturing the glory of the warriors and the agony of the monsters gradually bloomed in the form of drama which was later the mirror to the noble and the ignoble, celebrating the past or expressing hopes for an unknown future. Millennia have passed and people have now learned to present their ethos and culture to the world from the far-reaching window of theatre and stage. Theatre has many miracles, indeed; but its core magic is that every single person, apart from their nationality or language, is able to have, and play a Vista, for whatever reason or towards whatever end.

Vista, one’s national perspective introduced and performed by the dramatists, is the soul of this year’s festival .The importance of such cultural interaction is undeniable. It is an opportunity to explore landscapes far away and to learn about other cultures and traditions without the necessity of traveling across the world. We shall feel the cold Russian winters of scenes in Russian Drama, we may feel the shiver and the freezing silence of French pantomime stage, we might explore the spicy, jubilant performance of a Spanish family through a hot summer scene, and get to know all a country has to offer from their dramatic Vista which we are inviting them to share on ONE stage, and a shared performance. This is, first and foremost, THE opportunity to get familiar with the brilliant identity of many nations gathering together for a Theatre Festival, on stage, in the hall, hand in hand.

Theatre of Vistas is a quite voluntary platform, presented in the 22nd Iran International University Theater Festival providing a creative ethos for the applicants from all over the world to mingle and interact with other cultures.  Theatre of Vistas provides the applicants with the chance to meet members of other groups to talk, discuss, re-group and perform intercultural stage performances of maximum 30 minutes during the days of festival, under the supervision of a mentor. The mentor is in fact a member of the jury group each of whom supervising a different team of multinational crew. It should also be noted that the performances in this section will be judged and awarded in three separate parts of “Best Performance”, “Best Direction”, and “Best Actor/Actress”. There is one “Special Jury Prize” awarded for the high quality and noteworthy creativity in combining cultures in the artistic production. By exchanging the cultures, a rapport will be born which leads into the mental, technical and literary growth of the cultures involved.

How to join the Theatre of Vistas :

How to join the Theatre of Vistas:

A) Submitting your Work to the Festival
1.You should submit your primary work to the main platform of the festival.
2.After examination and the jury process, you will be invited to IIUTF (taking place from April 25 to May 4th (Details will be provided after the submission).
Note: You will perform the work that you have submitted, and this process is NOT included into the Theatre of Vistas section.
3.Arriving at Tehran, you will get to know other dramatic groups from all around the world also selected, invited and present in Tehran.
4.Under the supervision of a jury/mentor, you start teaming and forming a theatre group.
5.Rehearsals begin, and a performance date will be set for your team.
Note: The primary work that you initially submit, is the work which will be judged separately and you will perform in Tehran. The Vistas’ performance is a completely separate task.

B) Applying for the Vistas Section without the Festival Registration

In case you do not wish to take part and perform an already rehearsed work of your team through IIUTF, you can apply to participate just in the Theatre of Vistas. You should apply as either an actor/actress or a playwright with a plot willing to take part in this year’s special event.

In order to apply for the Vistas only, send an Email to

The Email should include:

• Your C.V.
•Your student ID/ Graduation certificate
• Link(s) to your previous performances
• The plot you propose to be performed in the Vistas section (in case you have a plot)
• A Statement of Purpose (SOP) of maximum 500 words. (Your SOP should explain your interest in theatre and should mention why the Theatre of Vistas Section interesting to apply for.)

Note: The primary work that you initially submit, is the work which will judged separately and you will perform in Tehran. The Vistas’ performance is a completely separate task.

The participants of this intercultural event are supposed to meet some rules and regulations as the framework of the Theatre of Vistas demand.

Those regulations include:

  • The crew should include more than two nationalities. (Three, at least)
  • The performances must be in English
  • The play can be an original or previously composed work of drama.
  • Rehearsals and accommodations are sponsored by the festival’s secretariat.
  • Varieties of cultures, history and national identity presented in the staged works will be of especially high value to the jury.

Everyone has a Vista. What is yours?

Bring Your Vista on Stage.

We all shall do.